A couple weeks ago I was in a walk with a friend of mine, he was complaining about the speed of changes in the software development world. In his words, every week something new appears, it can be a new methodology, a new framework, a new programming language and so on, and we, developers, we […]

Last weekend I gave a talk in a local event about the C#/.NET ecosystem, the audience was dominated by students and I tried to show to them how they can analyze a programming language, points they should observe and after I analyzed the C# through these points. The post below is a compiled of this […]

Getting CSharper #4: Working with numbers

Posted October 14, 2013 By paulo ortins

Continuing our road through C#, that already covered a basic C# program and how types are used in C#, now we will work with numeric types that, together with string and arrays, are the most used types in C#. Built-in numeric types We saw in the last post that C# has some predefined types to […]

Where, when and how Apache’s Commits are made

Posted October 12, 2013 By paulo ortins

Six months ago, I started my master’s degree where I’m researching about software engineering and mining of code repositories. In the next months I pretend to, besides write about C#, Javascript and programming in general, also write about subjects that I’m researching, tools that I’m developing, and papers that I’m reading. In this post, I […]

Motivation Two weeks ago, Me and my partners, we decided to start a new project using Team Foundation Service with Git and host it on Azure. As usual, we start developing a full happy path from project creation until deployment, to test all the infrastructure involved. The TFS Account creation was OK, the Git repository […]

3 programming languages that are promising for the next years

Posted September 3, 2013 By paulo ortins

As every addicted for programming languages, I feel myself excited when I see new programming languages. In the last years I did at least a toy project in C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Scala and Objective-C. Recently, I made a search for new and exciting programming languages. Below is the the languages that I think […]

If you read my previous posts, Intro to TDD and 12 Lessons I learned using unit tests/TDD, you will see that I’m a huge TDD fan and I try to apply it always I can, this methodology have been my favorite way to guarantee that the software I’m developing is working properly and the code […]

Performance Matters! A lot!

Posted August 7, 2013 By paulo ortins

In the last years, we have seeing a lot of techniques and methodologies to develop software, each one aims to solve one of the problems that usually happen during development. For example: TDD – has the goal to ensure that software is working properly BDD – has the goal to produce live documentation, documentation that […]

Getting CSharper #3: Understanding C# Types

Posted August 4, 2013 By paulo ortins

In my previous post, we saw our first C# program, we covered how it was built and what kind of structures we should use and so on. In this post, we will talk about the types that we can use when we are building a program. What is a Type ? Type, in programming, can […]

Introduction In the last years, relational databases have been the only option when we talk about data persistence. Our unique choice have been which database we should use. Should we use a SQL Server? Should we use a MySql? Oracle? Even in these cases, some choices come by default. E.g. if we are using .NET, […]